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12. Quantification of the strain-induced promotion of τ-MnAl via cryogenic milling

7. Toward Exchange-Biased Permanent Magnets: Structure-Property Correlations in FeMn Alloys

6. Mass enhancement versus Stoner enhancement in strongly correlated metallic perovskites: LaNiO3 and LaCuO3

4. Combined Charge Carrier Transport and Photoelectrochemical Characterization of BiVO4 Single Crystals: Intrinsic Behavior of a Complex Metal Oxide

1. Magnetic coupling between Sm3+ and the canted spin in an antiferromagnetic SmFeO3 single crystal

Invited Presentations

4. Developing Strong Anisotropy in Rare‐Earth‐Free Permanent Magnets

Luke G. Marshall, U.S. Office of Naval Research Energy Conversion Peer Review, University of Wisconsin Madison, WI, Jul. 28-30, 2015.

3. A systematic study of the weak ferromagnetism in the multiferroric RFeO3 orthoferrites

Luke G. Marshall, University of Texas at Austin Department of Materials Science and Engineering Seminar, Austin, TX, Oct. 25, 2013.

2. Exploring the Localized-to-Itinerant Electronic Transition in Perovskite Oxides: a Study of RNiO3 and LaNi1-xGaxO3

Luke G. Marshall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering Seminar, Boston, MA, Apr. 12, 2013.

1. The Structurally Driven Metal-Insulator Transition of RNiO3 and Its Implications for Unusual Phenomena in Related Materials

Luke G. Marshall, Northeastern University Department of Chemical Engineering Special Seminar, Boston, MA, Apr. 11, 2013.

Contributed Presentations

16. Tailored synthesis and processing routes to exchange-spring MnAl-Fe nanocomposites

15. Tuning the magnetic properties of MnAl ribbons and ferrite powders by rapid-milling for permanent magnet applications (Poster)

14. Intermediate tetragonal chemically disordered phase formed during transformation of highly anisotropic ferromagnetic L10 FePd (Poster)

12. Rare Earth-Free Magnetic Powders for Permanent Magnet Applications: From Synthesis to Industrial Recycling

11. Nanoscale Engineering Toward Bulk Exchange-Spring Permanent Magnetic Fe/MnAl Nanocomposites

2. Magnetic Properties of Perovskite-Related Transition Metal Oxides CaIrO3 and RNiO3